Why Missouri Needs Vehicle Inspections

Regular safety inspections by qualified technicians help identify and repair most safety issues that develop from a vehicles normal wear and tear. A majority of vehicles on the roads today are over 10 years old and require frequent inspection of critical safety equipment to keep them safely on the road. The lack of regular maintenance on all vehicles poses risks to the driving public, their passengers, and pedestrians.


Missouri’s inspection regulations have a number of inspections that can be checked by the consumer…like horns, mirrors, wipers, headlights, turn signals, and high beams. But what about the other parts of a vehicle like brake systems and steering components? To the casual driver and without the access to a lift and other tools and equipment, consumers are unable to see or know the safety risks and failures that are occurring.


Missouri and Pennsylvania have long been recognized for their exemplary safety inspection programs. Studies have shown the value of these safety inspection programs in reducing accidents, injuries and even deaths. Missouri is often held up as the model for states wanting to either begin or enhance an inspection program.


Inspections have been proven to reduce the number accidents caused by vehicle defects and diminish the amount of fatal accidents.

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